Did Xiaomi Drop A Hint On Poco F2 launch In Next Quarter?

Poco F2 Clue Poco fans are eagerly waiting for any news on Poco F2 and become active at the drop of hat. They can be seen enquiring about the probable launch date of Poco F2 at all possible social media platforms. Sentiments similar to these can be seen “What about POCO F2?”, ” We know that update will be automatically there in phones tell us about #pocoF2 which we don’t know.” In fact with the launch of Redmi Killer Series, the fans had started wondering whether Xiaomi had dropped the idea of launch.

In the absence of official confirmation, Pocofone F2 manages to make headlines at all possible drop of hints/leaks/rumours. The patience of fans is running out with Xiaomi busy in announcing its Redmi flagship phones and ‘smart’ consumer electronics products and no updates on Pocophone F2. In fact, the general manager of POCO India, C Manmohan (@cmanmohan), made a tweet about the helplessness with a giphy.

This was not well received and even the tech reviewers did not spare him, dropping hints like “either you tell them or someone else will *wink wink* “

But we have some good news for the POCO fans. Manu Kumar Jain, the head of Xiaomi India, inadvertently while sharing a tweet, dropped a clue on the expected launch date of much-waited Pocofone F2. On the handle of the Xiaomi executive, Jain has shared a photo of himself and the team lead of Redmi Business, Sneha Tainwala. In the backdrop of their seating arrangement, there is a whiteboard in which lies the clue to the POCO F2’s arrival date. In fact, Manu finally teased the Redmi Note 8 Pro in the picture. Do check it out yourself The whiteboard behind led people to speculate and they were quick to point out with replies like “poco f2 on November?” Did I noticed note 8 and F2?. Poco f2?” Is it #PocoF2 or #F2 written on the board with red marker”. Some even felt that “Right ahead of the OnePlus launch, we get to hear the launch of the Poco F2 from @Xiaomi.”

Do We Really Have Pocophone F2 Coming?

Poco F2 Clue

Going by the hint thrown at us by the whiteboard behind Manu, then yes. Poco fans can see it coming in the next quarter. Zoom in the whiteboard behind the company’s executives. You will find text and timeline scribbled with markings of Xiaomi’s upcoming product launches. In addition to (POCO) F2 written under the last quarter of the year, one can also find a Mi Pad slated for May and June.

But the mention of Mi Pad gives rise to confusion about year it is talking. Was not the Mi Pad supposed to be launched earlier this year? Is the board talking about the year 2019 or 2020? Is the timeline information outdated or is it meant for next year? Hold on for some more time and in the meantime check out Redmi Note 8 Pro which is likely to arrive next month.

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