‘Guaranteed Next-Day Delivery’ offer on in more than 150+ Cities Across India

In a tweet revealed by India Chief Manu Kumar Jain, E-commerce site is offering Express Delivery service in select 150+ cities of India. The “guaranteed next-day delivery” will happen at @honest price of Rs.49. Last year the same model had been implemented in Bengaluru but no additional cost was levied on the customers. Another clause is that the Express Delivery will be applicable for orders placed before 3 pm.

The “guaranteed next-day delivery” Express service is applicable over 90+ Xiaomi products. The service is available on website across 150+ cities in India. But to get hold of a device, you need to order before 3 pm and in return, you will be charged @Rs49 per order. This is a clear signal to its affiliate partners Amazon and Flipkart about the future course of action by the company and how the competition will look like. Xiaomi is inching towards being an e-commerce giant in India too in the field of gadgets.

'Guaranteed Next-Day Delivery'

Xiaomi had conducted a prototype Express Delivery operation in February last year in Bengaluru. It had partnered with a Noida based company – Smartbox to carry out the delivery operations. The Express Delivery service model in Bengaluru was strategically planned by Smartbox. Orders placed on and Mi Store app were redirected to automated parcel terminals in India. The orders for Express delivery were kept open from 9 am till 4:30 pm with no delivery charges! Xiaomi had also launched an advertising campaign to educate people on the new services being offered.

We have exciting times ahead. With a rise in competition, consumers benefit. Stay tuned to latest updates from Xiaomi!

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