Huawei, destined for failure after “suspended” business from Google on Android services

Google is blocking Huawei's future access to Android updates!

Huawei ban

Google suspended Huawei’s future access to Android updates – Huawei, a renowned tech giant was founded in 1987 by a former officer of the Chinese people’s liberation army. Of late telecom company is in the news after US President Donal Trump issued a blanket order banning “foreign adversaries” from doing telecommunication business in the US. Washington considers China’s Huawei as a national security threat to the US. True to his reputation, Donald Trump immediately barred US companies from engaging in telecommunication trade with foreign companies resulting in ZTE ban all over again.

Google immediately “suspended” business with Huawei. The ban locked the giant out of Google’s Android ecosystem.“We are complying with the order and reviewing the implications”, a Google spokesperson told AFP. Huawei is the world’s number two smartphone seller. According to Reuters and the Financial Times, the restriction from Google comes right after the US government added Chinese’s tech giant to a list of 44 Chinese companies that are subjected to US export controls. These 44 entities pose a “significant risk” to the US national security.

What does Huawei Ban mean to its users?

Banning of “foreign adversaries” decision of the US government has a severe downside impact on Android users. Huawei will no longer be given access to Google’s Android updates on apps and security. Google has promised that the existing users will not get affected. They will continue to get the updates. But the restriction imposed by Google on Huawei will limit Huawei user from accessing many apps that run on Android.

For the new users, since the date of suspension of services will not get any updates from Google. As Google has suspended business with Huawei, its upcoming devices won’t have any support from the tech giant. The affected services for the upcoming devices are Google play store, Android app store, security features, and the latest updates. These will have a major impact on the overall functioning and the valuation of the company. As of now, a 90-day lift ban has been issued as a breather to its existing users.

Is there any alternative to Huawei ban to Android updates?

Huawei has the option to create its own software with the help of android open source project but users would miss out on features such as Google maps and YouTube. It claims to be one of Android’s key global partners. Both have worked closely with their open-source platform to develop an ecosystem that has benefited both users and the industry. Their efforts have built a safe and sustainable software ecosystem with the aim to provide the best experience for all users globally.

At present Huawei has capabilities to build their own OS. Although this new OS will be not as good as the old one. But for the time being, they can create afresh for uninterrupted services on the best security to the new users. They still believe that they can form a new OS with the best security. With this determination, they can bring themselves back and can compete with Google and Android.

Huawei has played a great role in building the smartphones industry. It is the 2nd largest smartphone seller. Huawei ban on Google Android services will launch a major impact on the smartphones industry giving way to spiraling trend in the industry.

Latest Updates on Huawei Ban

Abraham Liu, the company’s representative to the EU institutions, has issued a statement calling the US ban on Huawei and all of its subsidiaries as an act of “bully”.

After the expiration of the 90-day lift ban, both the parties will be impacted by the suspension sentence. Though Huawei is trying to find an amicable solution with Google, it has stressed that it is not responsible for the resultant action. Keeping in mind the best interests of everyone involved, the Chinese tech giant is leaving no stones unturned. Google, on the other hand, has not released any official comment

Huawei is becoming the victim of the bullying by the U.S. administration. This is not just an attack against Huawei. It is an attack on the liberal, rules-based order – Abraham Liu

We sincerely hope that the standoff gets resolved for the sake of customers worldwide but it is early to comment on the outcome. Stay tuned to the latest updates on the gadgets trends, launch news and product reviews~

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