Is Xiaomi still pondering over launch of Poco F2 in India? Or has it been shelved?

Launch of Poco F2 in IndiaNext Generation #Poco was launched by Xiaomi in August 2018. The sub-brand was launched under the series  Poco F1 to cater to the affordable budget segment looking for premium features. Sub Brand Poco F1 turned out to be the best selling model in India. Carrying forward the trend and with the intention to capture India market, Xiaomi announced the launch of next in line launch of PocoF2 in India in 2019. The hype was built around over the past 6 months building frenzy amongst fans for any launch news.

In May, Xiaomi came up with the news of launch of Redmi “K”iller series in India. The date is yet not confirmed but expected to be by 2nd week of July. The specification, price of Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro are latest in the market and under Rs30,000. The features and price are somewhat similar to what was expected for Poco F2. Now the question arises what happens to launch of PocoF2 in India. Is it still on cards or it will be abandoned? Well, there are hints which suggest that Xiaomi is contemplating to keep both the sub-brands Redmi K and Poco F alive. They need to be distinctive in terms of features, price and the value being offered in the box.

Future of POCO in India

Keeping up with providing the latest technology, Poco F2 will at least be powered by SD 855 SoC. This is because Poco F1 was launched with the then-flagship Snapdragon 845. If Poco F2 has to co-exist with Redmi K20 Pro then there has to be the distinction in terms of features and price. This is what is being contemplated by the decision makers in Xiaomi. Redmi K20 Pro and Poco F2 cannot be launched with similar technology. It will lead to eating a market share of each other and causing confusion amongst buyers. Also, there will be loss of a loyal customer base.

Toeing the line of its flagship launches like Redmi 7 series, Redmi Note 7 series, and Redmi Y3 smartphones, it can be contemplated that Poco F2 base variant can be launched in the middle of the Redmi K20 and K20 Pro.  Redmi 7 series, Redmi Note 7 series, and Redmi Y3 smartphones have overlapping features but have a unique identity of their own. Maybe Xiaomi can target Poco F2 around Redmi K20 series but still retain its identity. This is mere speculation.

There is still hope alive for #Poco Lovers that launch of Poco F2 in India will happen. But they have to wait for an official confirmation from Xiaomi regarding the device and until then these have to be considered as mere speculations.

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