Xiaomi may launch Poco F2 with pop-up selfie camera!

Poco F2 might get the new "cool" pop up selfie camera!


Pop-up selfie camera Poco F2 from Xiaomi is in pipeline

Working on Next-Gen and a budget phone, Xiaomi is unstoppable when it comes to launching new features. There is a strong possibility that a smartphone with a pop-up camera, as per indications received from Wang Teng Thomas, the product director for the company. Xiaomi had applied for a pop-up selfie camera patent in the year 2015. Keeping up with the competition from Vivo and Oppo who already have launched pop-up selfie camera phones, Xiaomi phone is seemingly in the pipeline. There is a high probability that Poco F2 will have the pop-up selfie camera. This will also help Xiaomi in gauging the reaction and need for pop-up selfie camera phone users about their requirement.

Xiaomi is working on a design for removing the notch design in which the selfie shooter is housed inside the notch, giving way to pop-up design. Though it has not caught fancy with other manufacturers and that is the reason Xiaomi is still wary of its acceptance in the market if launched. But its competitor, Vivo, has launched another phone in February based on the concept of pop-up selfie camera. Xiaomi is contemplating and working vigorously on launching pop-up, by most probability in Poco F2, but if not accepted in the market, it will not work on this feature.

What is a Pop-up Selfie Camera?

Technically speaking pop-up selfie camera is designing a motorized mechanism inside the body of the phone which pops out when the user requests for one. Apart from handling the notch camera, there are several design issues that need to be addressed like the durability of moving parts.

Apart from the new feature, we can expect another feature in Poco F2 – “Sunlight mode 2.0” which is expected to enhance the contrast and optimize the color display when using outdoors.

Xiaomi has recently launched Redmi Note 7, its first phone with a 48MP rear camera and it has received good response from its users. It has built a strong loyal customer base in India. Now people are eagerly waiting for the launch of its flagship device, budget phone Poco F2.

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