Will Flagships Mi, Black Shark, Poco & Redmi ever compete against Xiaomi?

There are few manufacturers that choose secondary brands to continue growing in the market just like assignment writing help. It is either because they focus on different user segment or because they focus on specific markets. It happened with global brands like Huawei, Lenovo, OPPO. The best-known cases may be those of Huawei and Honor, born the second of the first and now flying solo, or the one of ZTE and Nubia in a similar case. Of late Xiaomi has started following the same trend by coming out with different flagships (Mi, Black Shark, Poco & Redmi) focussing on the region and user segment. But the case of Chinese manufacturer is somewhat special. Let us analyze each one of them and check out a possibility if they would one day compete with each other.Xiaomi

Xiaomi, the Leader

The culprit of all, the company that was born in 2010 and that launched its first phone in 2011. Today, the fourth largest brand in the world in sales volume, and with one of the strongest user communities in the world. you can find each other. And, of course, the person responsible for the Mi line.

Xiaomi has been characterized for a long time by launching terminals every few time, with a fairly extensive catalog and in almost all price ranges. We have, or we had, the Redmi models in the bottom row, which were originally called Hongmi, and above all, we found the Mi X and the Mi MIX – the catalog leaders.

Black Shark News

Black Shark, here we come to play

The second flagship of Xiaomi to be born which paid off was in February of the last year 2018. Weeks earlier it had been known that Xiaomi had bought a manufacturer of products dedicated to ‘gaming’, known in China circle but unknown internationally. It was enough to capture the signature on the purchase contract so that the brand would start to sound all over the planet, although it is still not 100% related to Xiaomi. But yes, the two are the same.

Mobile gaming: power in abundance and extravagant design. Black Shark, by Xiaomi. The first phone born of this new line was the Black Shark, which as we said came last February. Before the end of the year, we could already see its renewal, the Helo, thus following Xiaomi’s tendency to launch new generations before completing the natural year. For now, we have only two, but there will be more in the future. If what we are looking for is a Xiaomi phone with which to be able to read our favorite mobile games, why not go to those that have been designed for it?

Initially born in China and for China, it was not long ago that Black Shark became an international brand. It can now be purchased beyond the borders of the Great Wall. Gaming phones for game addicts, with the seal of Xiaomi, inside but signed by its Black Shark line.

Poco F2 News

The Pocophone that looks like a little flagship

A game of words necessary, and quite handy at this point, to define the new line of phones from Xiaomi that arrived directly from India. The phones of the Poco brand, which for now have only been embodied in a single terminal, the PocoPhone F1. A phone with a high level of power and at a fairly tight price.

It is precisely the price that makes us constantly doubt whether we are in a high range or not. But there are more details, such as the external aspect. Personally, I am a lover of plastic phones and although this little F1 is objectively ugly, it is certainly resistant. But the absence of metal, glass or a more careful design has placed the Poco F2 competing with phones of a lower category to which, obviously, beats easily by power.

Shortly after birth, Xiaomi said that its brand Poco would become international and today it has a good share in the market. In fact, the Pocofone F1 may have been the most striking phone of the year 2018, precisely because it offers power at almost the highest level at a price unattainable by much of its competition. The secret of your success, Xiaomi style packaged in another name.

Redmi K20 Pro

Redmi, the son leaves home

As we mentioned earlier at Essay Writer Service, Redmi flagship was initially called Hongmi. It was part of Xiaomi’s main catalog since its origin. Telephones destined to cover the needs of users with little budget, and oriented to offer the maximum for a very adjusted price. Inside, different lines. From the Redmi as such to the Redmi Note to the Redmi S, phones originally for China that also crossed the border with the rest of their family.

This line has finally taken off from Xiaomi and has become Redmi by Xiaomi or Redmi by Xiaomi. The first to leave home to live on his own has been the Redmi Note 7, the first of his family not to have the name Xiaomi at the beginning but after the “by”. A whole declaration of intentions, and the fourth mark of Xiaomi in circulation.

At the moment it seems that all brands walk hand in hand and remain under the same mandate, It happened with brands like Honor and Nubia, which finally ended up becoming independent. Will we see history repeating itself somewhere down the line. Will the flagship phones Mi, Black Shark, Poco & Redmi one day compete against Xiaomi in the market? It will be curious to check the status of the company when it arrives. Meanwhile, there are already three brands Xiaomi that operate in a quasi-independent way of the main brand. Without a doubt, a prolific manufacturer.

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